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1. A tireless pursuer of sex
2. Someone who has been accused or suspected of a sexual offence
3. A case containing sexual paraphernalia
The baggage handlers couldn't believe what they found in Jack's sex-case.
by Kenny23456 April 23, 2015
A person of the rapey persuasion; somebody who hears "yes please" when everybody else hears "fuck off and don't touch me, you dirty dirty minger". Sex cases can come from all walks of life, but are united by the all consuming urge to sniff your discarded underwear, whilst fapping off to childhood memories of being emotionlessly beaten by their cold and distant father.
Yeah, I wouldn't go out with him, he's a right sex case. You know he's on the register for perving through the nursing home windows and wanking off?

That Josef Fritzl turned out to be a proper sex case, didn't he?
by whatsittoyou87 September 27, 2010
name used to describe a person who is up on charges (with the law) for perverted sexual offences, i.e. peadhophilia, necrophilia, beastiality etc
sexcase, sexcase - hang'im, hang'im, hang'im!
by Kopantz December 07, 2007
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