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any place that claims to be a non-profit organization, but really charges $35,000 a year and in return gives uncooperative professors, broken laptops, unprofessional professionals, and gladly hands you over to the sopd
Seton Hall just screwed me over again.
by junior February 25, 2004
A horrible university where everyone is deathly unfriendly to anyone they didnt meet in the first week of freshman year and doesnt contain a single person who will hold a door open for you.
just dont go to seton hall, you'll thank me.
by a former student March 22, 2004
Seton Hall is the University in North Jersey where all the sexy people go. If you hate SHU, then you're probably ugly.
"Oh your friend Danielle goes to Seton Hall? She must be reall fuckin' hott!"
by Sexy Pirate April 14, 2009
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