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to place someone in an awkward or unpleasant situation by guile or deceit; to play emotional games with someone prior to letting them down.
*sighs* "I have been waiting here on this park bench for two hours, and she hasn't turned up. I guess I've been set up."
by Ben Bisley March 08, 2010
1)A fabricated scenario that is not what it is intended to appear as
2) A distress call that does not need to be answered
3) Anything a person with enough intelligence can see through depending on: intelligence of victim > combined intelligence of conspirators
"Help! Help! HHHEEEEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!" cried the man who called the police after he was asked to locate a phone.

See Goodfellas
by Yoo Si Lee October 12, 2011
Your family/life configuration.
Alex: Dude, I'm having a house party this Saturday.
Brendan: Again, this has got to be your 5th party this year.
Alex: I know, it's cause my parents go out of town so much.
Brendan: Awesome, I wish I had a setup like that.
by benormous April 23, 2006
A person, place, or thing thats sole purpose is to start or create drama or misfortune towards certain individuals
Guy: "why haven't you text me or called me Im tryna get something going"
Girl: "No I know you gotta a girlfriend so me texting you would be a Set Up"
by AlleyWo July 09, 2009
having a female on deck for a bootycall and/or train
example 1

I'll meet up with you later. I got a setup scheduled in an hour.

example 2

Bro, I got us a setup for tonight! Hop aboard the Polar Express! CHOO CHOO!
by Dr. Fuckatis Enla Butticus October 03, 2010
A tattoo or ink.
Yo, I hear Davey got a sick new setup at High Rollers.
by maddlater'd December 04, 2007
Man, that's just the plan that you made, you know... it's like, huh... that´s it! a Plan.
Don´t mess with my set-up nigga!!
by God's Souljah July 15, 2003