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1. emoticon =D'

Usually happens when one hits the ' key next to the "enter" by accident. It can be substituted with =)' or :P' or the like.

2. noun. Some sort of unexplained and unexpected good luck. This is derived from a situation in which one accidentally used =D' when feeling very lucky. It is probably a typo due to the excitement, but it is also like finding unexpected luck as one would find an unexpected sesame on the face.

3. idiom. Having a slightly evil, self-satisfied happy feeling, probably due to the good luck.
1. A: xD'

A: Oh I just got the sesame on the side of mouth haha

2. I think you just brought me good luck! =D'

3. I found the key to my childhood treasure box! I've been looking for it for the longest time! Hahaha. Muahaha. =D'
by =D' November 12, 2011
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