Person who constantly has bad luck and never seems to catch a break.
Oh, Serrano's in the hospital again. Oh, Serrano got written up again. Oh, Serrano just lost in NBA Live 2K11 again. Typical Serrano
by asdfjfjfjfj March 30, 2011
Top Definition
The Serrano pepper. The hottest one in the world. Meaning anyone with the last name of Serrano is awesome.
Look at that Serrano!
He/She is so cool!
by Mawissa August 13, 2009
Verb: to pull a fast one, swindle, to commit an underhanded deed, fraud, theft or generally mismanage just about everything. In general, it means to try to dupe someone
Noun: BS, an outright lie, etc

Named after the company owned by Steve Houston (Serrano's) in Torrance,Ca that went out of business in August 2007.
Verb: That guy was peddling parts all over the place and he totally Serrano'd a couple of idiots...

Noun: Dont' give me that Serrano, I KNOW what I paid for...
by Victorious! August 30, 2007
An individual that always forgets at least one thing when he leaves the house, but as soon as he gets to the car realizes what he has forgotten and goes back in to get it.
Hey, why don't you go get what you're going to need and I'll start the car. That way you don't pull a serrano.
by skwyd April 29, 2010
extremely large boobs
"Damn, she got some big ass serranos on her!!!"
by Purple Rain February 16, 2007
A jerk, someone who only cares about himself, someone who uses girls, someone who drinks a lot and doesn't care about life
"Godd, he's such a Serrano"
by TCopp420 October 10, 2009
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