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The worst Pokemon forum on the net.

If you even dare to debate about anything objectively, you will get the mighty B&hammer and will forever be ridiculed by the Serebii gods.

Probably the only Pokemon forum that has a homosexual Britney Spears-loving moderator.

In order to be loved at the forum, you must be an ignorant asshat and have more morals than a corrupted nun.

It is truly a site to bash.
Bob: Yolanda, did you visit serebiiforums.com today?

Yolanda: Hell no! The last time I visited that site I lost 10 IQ points!
by Jacob Wake-up May 07, 2009
serebiiforums.com is the greatest Pokemon forum out on the web. It has 277395 members and more are coming.
serebiiforums.com , do you go on it?
Yes, every day, as I'm a big Pokemon fan!