An adjective used to describe an attractive goth girl. Derived from sepulcher and pulchritude.
Damn, bro, did you check out that hot goth chick? She was one fine exemplification of sepulchritude.
by Hlex October 06, 2006
Top Definition
1. (n) A COMB RAVE technique for the character PROBLEM SLEUTH (PS) in the Andrew Hussie web comic MS Paint Adventures. The most powerful attack in the comic, PS has tried several ties unsuccessfully to use the technique, until on 2/15/09, he brought the noise, and shit got insanely real.

2. (n) Any action which may be as awesome or insane as SEPULCHRITUDE.
2. I'm sorry dude, but that sure as hell was no sepulchritude.
by Mechanical Bull February 16, 2009
The ultimate attack, usually stopped by an narrative force.
PS: Sepulchritude!
Narrator: No, wait, you can't use that yet!
by Fish Ion October 29, 2008
1. (n.) an insanely destructive and/or deadly display of physical attractiveness. Formed by combining 'sepulcher' and 'pulchritude.'

Variant: sepulchritudinous (adj.)
In an act of supreme sepulchritude, he blinded his adversaries with a flash of his pearly whites. Across the world orthodontists wept with joy that such sublime teeth might usher in an era of peace.
by vozbox July 25, 2010
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