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An overly emotional and easily deflated male who cries a lot.
Joe was bein a sensitive sally last night cuz I wanted to fuck my girlfriend instead of goin drinkin with him.
by CapnCrouton May 05, 2004
An emotional male, usually conforming to a metrosexual lifestyle or similar. Very in-touch with their feminine side and feelings, usually seen sporting all the latest fashion trends.

They don't seem to appreciate nor understand trolls, and instead resort to name calling and a response of "nah". Even a slight joke at their expense results in a tantrum, followed by a rage quit. Their inability to get a joke, is usually compounded by their scarf wearing antics.

Most tantrums are ended by a storm off, a commanding flick of their scarf, followed by "good day sir"
Guy1: "Does your husband drive?"

Sensitive Sally: "F-It Im going to turn this car around and go home"
by C0ncerned_Citizen August 31, 2011
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