a female character who has extreme pleasures sitting next to the radiator and then complains that it is too cold .
but overall is a sensationally nice person.aka...anyone that looks like a luli chukri ..in other words a sensationally small girl
him: sensation shutup!

Her: but why ?

Him: because it does not smell sensationally nice.
by Kais.Patel December 07, 2007
Top Definition
a feeling that overcomes you when your hormones start acting up.
Wow, after looking at him i felt a surge of sensations go through my body!
by cdgvhvchdf November 08, 2007
A small quantity of alcohol, food or other consumable, usually requested because the consumer of it: (a) does not want to get drunk, (b) does not know what it tastes like and wants to try it, or (c) knows what it tastes like, doesn't like it, but doesn't want to offend the person offering it. Also known as a "suspicion".
Dinner-party host (holding wine bottle): Would you care for a glass of spinach wine? It's made from real spinach, that's why it's dark green.
Dinner-party guest (holding wine glass): Just a sensation thanks.
by BrizVegas August 01, 2006
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