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The bringer of the burning pain in in your behind, after eating spicy food.
Also called afteburner.
"Oh man. Did I get a visit from Senor Salsa in the morning"
by Kyynikko October 09, 2007
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The state of being a superhuman latino. Abilities include the telekentic taco which is the ability to rip a persons head in half vertically with your mind, the ability to make someone pee fire. Ultimate borderhop technique the ability to jump high over fences, run bitch run the ability to run from police at lightspeed half the speed of a black person running from the police, and finally AHH it burns the ability to make your foes urinate flames which consume them in seconds!
Senorsalsa just ahnilated me with telekentic taco
by Senor Salsa January 23, 2007
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