A semicomma is a term mistakenly used instead of the term semicolon.

This is a semicomma: ;
He said, "You use semicomma!"

You must use a semicomma in that situation.

This is a sentence with a semicomma:
He used a semicomma; therefore, he did not know that the semicomma was indeed called a semicolon.
by random individual November 08, 2010
a natural pause that occurs or that should be made after every word (except, of course, the last word) not followed by any punctuation mark while reading a text.
In the sentence 'We are human beings', a semi-comma occurs three times. Symbolically, it can be written as 'We*are*human*beings.', where '* (asterisk)' would represent 'semi-comma'.
by uttam maharjan November 12, 2010

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