1) Short, hyper, nunchaku-wielding Final Fantasy VIII character. Who likes trains.

2) Me.
1) My favorite character is Selphie!

2) I *am* Selphie. I like trains!
by Kei October 17, 2003
Top Definition
1. Cute, excitable little female Final Fantasy VIII character.
2. Any girl who is cute, excitable, hyper, has funky (in a good way) hair (or at least 2 of the 4).
3. One who says booyaka constantly.
1. <Eddie> I heart Selphie. She is my fave FF char ever.
<me> Squall is hot.
2. <Eddie> Where the heck is that teenie bopper girl going? Who did her hair, the toaster?
<me> What a Selphie. Pity she's not cuter.
3. <me> (in triumph) BOOYAKA!
<Eddie> Quit celebrating, Selphie. Time for round two!
by Sim-1 March 16, 2006
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