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It starts with a normal selfie, with one arm in view, holding your phone in front of you. You then bend at the hips so you chest is parallel to the ground, thus your non-existent boobs are hanging. Is usually accompanied by pushing your butt out to look like you have an ass. And to top it off, take the hand you are not using, and cover your mouth, while making your eyes big like you are about to be kidnapped. Finish with a stupid caption about your smile, and done, you just did the selfie position.

Usually done by young whores who think they are the shit because they have had 15+ boyfriends in two years.
Girl #1 - Oh my fucking god, Susan keeps doing that stupid pose and complaining about her goddamn smile! And people keep liking that shit!
Girl #2 - Dude, its the selfie position. Chest down, butt out, hand on mouth!
by laxer3131 December 05, 2013
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