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When an attempt to insult someone (or pwn them) backfires and results in self-humiliation.
<PersonA> eat my fucking shit
<PersonB> I would but I'm too busy suckin yo daddeh's cock
<PersonA> ....
<PersonB> er, wait..
<PersonC> self-pwn
<PersonB> fuck
by Snake0 June 12, 2007
1: When you do something utterly stupid, it causes something bad to happen to you

2: suicide

3: Variation of self-own
Guy 1: He slipped on his skateboard and fell down the stairs, breaking his neck.

Guy 2: Self-PWNED!
by Tacosniffer May 12, 2006
when one humiliates themselves to thepoint point of being pwned
Yo whats up with that kid during class, he is always making stupid comments and self-pwning himslef.
by coopertrooper March 17, 2011
To pwn oneself
>>And then I said, "I thought you had a girlfriend?"

/facepalm, selfpwnd tbh<<
by Zerazar September 14, 2008
It is the act of hurting or destroying oneself in computer games without any positive outcome. First used by Kaycee, of clan dHz(Half-life), Malaysia when she blew up her own satchel charge while forgetting it was nearby.
You just selfpwned.
rofl that was a selfpwn.
by iicaie August 26, 2008
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