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this is a way i like to congatulate myself on a job well done.. cos like.. WHO CARES ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES OPiNiONS..

iTS FoR yOu...
so congratulate yourself wit a
SELF Hi5....
directions for a self hi-5

I'm gonna self hi5 myself to kewlness.

one. bend knees slightly and prepare your body in the "ready to jump over a wild maniac cat wit a chainsaw and foamin at themouth wit rabies and is going to eat ur ass" position. with both arms loosely by your hips.

two. tighten muscles in lower calfs of both legs, tense up ur toes and ready urself for a vertical launch into the wide oxygen air above ur beautifully shaped head.. begin raisin and extendin both arms in an upwards claspin motion..

three. thrustin ur body upwards and pushin quite hard, whilst simultanously clappin your open palms above your head
Tip : Clap like ur clappin for somethin great or Wonderfullingly wonderful and good..

four. now is the exciting part.. as your hands clasp
together and omit that !!CLAP!! sound..scream from the height of your voice wit all of your lungs can
errupt.. omit the following phrase..


five. picture this exact moment in ur mind and remember this
as a "Valued Moment".. you now look the're coolness factor has jus increased by 50%!!

six. land gracefully upon the ground sound and safe whilst
maintainin a perfect confident dazzlin smile..

Notice how now everybody knows how great you are..

the end...
by Greg "DamoBrad" Doyle November 14, 2007
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