The way idiots spell seinFELD.
You're definitely not a fan of the show if you spell it seinfield, no exceptions. the correct spelling is shown at the beginning of EVERY episode.
Idiot: I love that Seinfield show, and Jerry seinfield is hella funny!
Seinfeld fan: Go die -_-
by Aaron Wethers May 12, 2008
(n): The Best Show in the entire history of TV, Clever, Funny, Amusing Etc...
The Best show in the worls is SEINFIELD dont you think so?
by Jack January 14, 2004
when some drunk ass talks to you 2 inches away from your face even though it is completely unnecessary. used more as a nickname because that person will continue to do the samething over and over.
Did you see seinfield being his usual drunk self last night?
by prodigy_the oNe May 14, 2008
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