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An informal goodbye greeting. Usually used to indicate that the recipient is somehow defeated, unworthy, or left behind; hence their worthiness to appear only as a comic strip character in the funny pages.
Boo ya! See you in the funny pages, sucker.
by Jeema November 09, 2005
This a kind remark, meant to be good natured and humorous......Unlike the definitions put here. See the two existing versions of "funny papers" on this same site. This is exactly the same
Later gator, See you in the funny pages
by zbeeep June 22, 2016
an off handed remark about your sanity, or of someone else, or just the world in general. usually used as an understatement.
man you got to be crazy to want to do that

response "maybe, see you in the funny pages"
by damnskiing July 27, 2009
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