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A victim of senioritis. Often displays symptoms of apathy, procrastination with the realization that it-be 'it' school, sports, whatever-doesn't really matter anymore. Second semester seniors can be found lying in bed, on facebook, at a party, or anywhere that requires the least amount of work possible. The most important question to a second semester senior is:
'Does it REALLY matter?'

Students are no longer considered a second semester senior once they have graduated, whereafter procrastination and laziness is their own damn fault.
A second semester senior may have been anybody before senioritis hit- an IB/AP whiz, stoner, that foreign kid- because senioritis will claim anyone and everyone as its victim.
yo holmes, i ain't doin my psych poll- im a second semester seniorrr.

A second semester senior receives an F for both achievement and effort.

I am writing this definition instead of filling out scholarship info.
It is a good choice.
by tragicomedy January 23, 2009
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