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a male/female (usually female) who comes "second". Second as in the other option. An exceptional person, but always comes after someone else. Who in majority of most others' opinion are better in every way possible than the second resort. Most times, second resorts and the better someone have a relationship with each other. Not as in lovers, but it can either be friendship, enemies, sisters, brothers, or cousins.

People women in particular who are second resorts, often feel jealousy with the better someone.
example #1-
Eric: Hey, Matt! Who ya gonna' ask out to the dance?
Matthew: I don't know. I was thinking of asking Madison.
Eric: What about Madeline? She's hot too. *winks at Madeline*
Matthew: I dunno, man. She seems like a second resort.
Eric: Hmmm, maybe. Madison is hotter though.
Matthew: Exactly.
Madeline and Madison are twins, not identical, but twins. Both are extremely beautiful. But with most guys, they'd choose Madison over Madeline. Only because Madison is prettier in the face, or has better legs. Who knows?
example #2-
Gracie: Madeline! Gerold likes you!
Madeline: Oh, really?
Gracie: Yeah, really!
Madeline: Humph, must've mistaken me for Madison.
Gracie: *confused look*
Madeline: I'm a second resort. I'm only pretty for awhile, but one look at my sister, and you're blown away. You forget about me, and pay attention to her, and only her.
Gracie: Oh. Well, I'm sure Madison'll be happy to hear the news about the boys
Madeline: Of course, it's her daily routine.
Now, Madeline is completely aware that people think of Madison as the "better twin". She gets jealous often, and her sister is completely unaware of it.

What should Madeline do?

you tell me.
(all names in the examples are merely fictional, and their real characters are sworn to secrecy, for privacy issues, by me, kristina b.)
by adsfj;lk June 27, 2007
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