A small town in Sonoma County, California, population of about 8,000. I used to work there while living in Santa Rosa. I'm sure it has some nice people in it, but all the kooks and assholes there are very conspicuous. One of the most unique things about Sebastopol is the huge involvement of the populace in its city government. Every city council meeting seems to have more than the usual amount of wackos, they seem to have gathered and conspired, it seems, and everyone else is an evil fuck. A meeting can rarely get anywhere because some sidewalk lunatic has to be heard. It has recently been known as Ban Town because it has set out to ban just about everything despite that its pseudo-liberals wants the town to be known for its tolerance of all people. Some of its citizens want to ban WIFI and Smart Meters (PG&E's radio-controlled utility meters) because they think it is very harmful to your health. Other cities call them the tinfoil-hatted. They freak out because the radio towers here are made to look like trees and old water towers on a farm; it must be a secret conspiracy planting all those hidden towers; they want the shitty towers more obvious? It has banned public drinking due mostly to the increasing incidents of drunk teen-aged assholes causing problems. It is now up in arms over leaf blowers; I hate leaf blowers, but you'd think this was the most important issue for the town since the skate park with how much press it gets.
Dude A: Dude, let's head over to Sebastopol and have some fun with them hippie chicks.

Dude B: Nah, can't! Don't ya remember they banned our ass, man!
by Jimmy Rashaverak April 09, 2011
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a.k.a seb town, where everyone hangs out at safeway.
wanna get stoned?

naw, lets go eat at safeway.
by ihateyouandthinkyoushoulddie January 16, 2005
city in California where hippies smoke pot and hang out downtown all day and protest or get stoned.
I'm stoned
by bob March 10, 2004
The happiest place on Earth.
God, i'm so glad I live in Sebastopol.
by Wheeee! October 07, 2003
The only place that everyone comes home to see a parade down the main street or a fireworks show on the 3rd.
Hey, are you guys going to the Apple Blossom Parade in Sebastopol? Where should we drink first?
by Jaime Wosk November 01, 2006
a hippie town where everyone is stoned and yet parent say 'what a nice place for my kid to grow up' and a place where evryone goes to see the analy play and the parade. A place that used to be all apple trees and is now just mostly all apple trees. a place where everyone hangs out at safeway and everyone give hugz :)
a place i call home
Sebastopol califonia is friggin aesome but a little boring.
by la la la la la March 31, 2008
A foo foo gift shop with streets where the stoned rich hippies clash with the older rednecks. A place where crystal shops and pot clubs outnumber hardware stores. A place that is so psychotically pro-kid and anti-conservative that they will call CPS if you frown at your kid and will hurt or maim or beat you up in the name of anti-violence and anti-war. A proudly nuke-free green zone with the only green party majority of any sized city in America and the one city in America most likely to defect to communist Russia or China. A small town that actually thinks that the rest of the US cares about their stance on anything political. A place where rich liberal white people who dress like unbathed Rastafarians or East Indian hemp bedecked Pachuli scented hippis parade around in spiritual judgement of other white people even though they have never lived in a non-white neighborhood or been immersed in a Haitian or Asian Ghetto. A place where the average resident drives a Prius while living in a 4000 square foot vacation home with a $3000/month utility bill because of their pot plant green houses.
Lets go to SEBASTOPOL man because EVERYONE pays attention to what happens in SEBASTOPOL (toke toke)
by TaiSpike February 24, 2011
The place the hippy fundementals went to die.
Lets go to Sebastopol.
by Beard Weirdo April 07, 2011

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