When an individual whether involuntary or involuntary eavesdrops a conversation, within a circle of friends or another area. This technique includes talking to another friend, but really listening to the other conversation, looking at blindspot but still listening to the conversation, etc. This stance is called ¨being perched¨like a sea hawk with his/her eyes directly fixed on the target.

PS. When discovering such Seahawks, one can do an osprey/eagle/hawk sound in order to notify the sea hawk of his actions.
Person #1. Hey man what did you do this weekend ?
Person #2. Not much, what did you do?
( Friend #2 noticies potential seahawk and looks at him, while this is happening, the seahawk looks to the other way)
Person #1, I`ll tell you later, there is a SEA-HAWK nearby...
by Don Invent , A.H February 23, 2011
A secret code word used to tell your cousin that you love her And that when she is feeling sad or down there are many people thinking of her and so proud of her. Xxxxx
I'm going to go to bed now, Seahawks, love you. Xxx
by Tiabrooke January 05, 2013
Team that will be remembered for living in a city that rains all the time and looses superbowl 40 all the time. This team is really bad and even having the best player in the league Alexander couldnt help them win the Superbowl.
Hey man remember superbowl 40,

Yea the Seahawks lost!!
by hesKEET July 20, 2006
Permanent expansion team.
The Seahawks are, and always will be, crap.
by TBone May 30, 2003

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