San Diego, Califonia
I come from that S.D.C.
by Maurice "Nsyane" Walker August 09, 2006
Abbreviation; Some Dumb Cunt.
I was on my way to work and SDC cut me off in the fast lane going 50 mph!!
by asenyth February 17, 2014
San Diego County
Am about to go down to SDC to visit my DAYGO peeps.
by dreamdsntsleep January 26, 2013
Silver Dollar Crimanls
hey ima get SDC on yo ass
by SDC crazy September 26, 2009
SDC stands for Sleep. Drinking. Club.

In that order.

It's not just an acronym, it's a way of life.
Just got home from work. Time to get my SDC on!
by DJ 911 May 14, 2011
Short term for Snoop Dogg Clothing (Snoop's Brand).
-Ay man, see dem SDC shoes?
-Yeah, they tight as hell. But I ain't got no money to buy dem.
by October 24, 2006
Sucks Donkey Cock. It implies that something or someone likes to suck the cock of a donkey. Obviously.
The entire FIFA game series SDC
by I_SDC March 22, 2005

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