The letters stand for Student Dance Association. Usually in many high schools. Was a program created many years ago so girls would have a sport to do like many of the boys did.
Girl 1: Hey, do you want to go to the mall later?
Girl 2: I can't, I have SDA practice.
by E.P. Fox April 07, 2010
when a runner is struck with a sudden urge to take a massive brick shit during a long run(results can be more violent if sprinting) aka: (sudden dump attack)

Can be treated with a pre-run dump. Not always 100% effective. Symptoms may include ED and explosive diaheria.
oh Goddamn they are banging on the door wanting out. hold in the SDA~!
by Ragnar 38 January 17, 2008
Serious Dick Action, getting meat pounded into you when stressed out, bitchy, or horny.
"Hey Nate, Tawni has been pretty bitchy lately, sounds like she needs some SDA."
by Hannsz March 08, 2007
i saw a sign once and it said 'bethesda' and i didnt know how to pronounce it, and i thought it said be the sda. so i came up with the meaning of sda, and it means super duper asshole.
That crazy driver over there is a SDA!
by Hershey September 07, 2004
One who believes in the doctrines of the seventh day adventist church. They follow christ as their example, who died for them. His death has the most meaning in their lives. Started by Christ himself, his followers look to him for guidance, whether in sorrow, or in mercy. This faith has a large denomination, and glorifies Christ, and his Creator up above.
all SDAs strive to go to church.

Man, he is a real SDA
by joel jonathan August 29, 2006
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