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someone who achieves scum-bag status, yet reaches a slightly higher degree of said term.
your friend mike who fucked your sister. hes a scum bag. but jeff, who videotaped it and put it on the web, yeah he's a scuz bucket.
by a-stONE June 14, 2005
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A scumbag. Somebody who stoops so low that no other words can describe his behaviour.
That guy is a complete scuzbucket.
by Robert Paul December 10, 2002
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One with no wanting of higher self appearance; dirty.
Person(s) with attitude considered as being a jerk, a lowlife, an ass.
Lazy, inconciderate of others.
Man, since James' old lady left him, he's been a total scuzzbucket.

Troy, stop being a scuzbucket! Ya freaking douchebag!
by bactine November 06, 2005
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