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An individual who does everything at a high rate of movement or performance. In certain instances scurrying can be positive trait. for example, the movie begins at 9:00 pm i gotta get there an hour before it starts to get a good seat. In certain instances a scurrier is a negitive trait. for example. that asshole traffic cop scurried to give me a parking ticket. in certain instances scurrier can just be funny. for example damn jon saw that movie twice in twelve hours and is a three hour movie. As you can see the word scurrier has many dimensions and can be good bad or funny
1)damn that traffic cop is a straight up scurrier my meter expired at 12:00 and he was waiting at 11:59 to give me a ticket.
2) Damn i gave that girl my number a couple of hours ago and she already hit me up the same day, she a scurrier
3)i let my homegirl listen to my i pod and she went home the same night and downloaded all those songs. what a scurrier
by j.barber December 21, 2009
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