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new jersey term for 21
yo yo sooo whats teams wanna play scudda
by AJ March 13, 2003
wrinkle in your nutsack
incase u were ever wondering, scudda is a wrinkle in a nutsack.
by assula June 21, 2006
A girl who engages often in sexual acts with many different men.
Joe: "Look at Tonya over there, she's arranging her third three some of the month."
Mike: "Yurr, you already know she a scudda."

Spoderman: "gurl u suck mur dik den an kerdeshiun. U iz an scudda."

Lindsay: "who are you taking to you ugly face?"
Marie: "I'm talking to you 2cent scudda."
by Ken Flo June 20, 2014
Refers to any and everything. It means to have a leg up on the competition or to have something unique as opposed to everyone else's common version of whatever is being judged.
Man when it comes to dick I got the scuddas!
by Pablo S. February 12, 2004