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adult mens magazine in scotland
aka nude book or jazz mag
gonnae no cum on ma scudbook it makes the pages stick the gether and a cannae read the interesting articles!!
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
A gentleman's pamphlet; a jazzmag. Toilet reading.

A magazine containing images of naked ladies.
Now obsolete since the introduction of world wide free porn on the internet.
Shit, I need a chug and my PC's fucked. Ah well, back to basics. I'll pop out to the Paki's and grab a scudbook. For old times sake you understand.
by MadFUCKINGWulie August 03, 2004
person who runs errands for somebody or stores packages for them or a general useless cunt
that tony is a scudbook,he ll go for it
by the top man August 03, 2010
a skanky tart who gets shagged every weekend
drop your pants bitch
by bo trippa November 08, 2003