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Testicle. When used in the plural, refers to both testes and the scrotum. Can also include the entire male undercarriage.
She gingerly brushed his scruples.

Man, he must have huge scruples.

I don't wear speedos anymore after snagging my scruples on the dock.
by diernacnud September 11, 2009
5 3
Morals or a Conscience
I officially have no scruples!
by Andrew Greer April 25, 2007
94 16
Doubt, hesitation.
He handled his scruples to his own avail.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
27 18
A showing of particular distaste and/or disagreement with any statement or person.
An englishman walks into a bar. He sees an attractive female. He asks her on a date. She says no. "DISPENSE WITH YOUR SCRUPLES, WENCH. I WILL HAVE THOUST BOOTY"
by Tballer4596 September 10, 2012
3 3
A rash.
Dude, you have a scruple! Get some ointment for that.
by YannoIt July 19, 2011
1 1
Scruple can mean whatever you want it to mean, originating from the free rizlas with amber leaf.
by TEAPOTTIFY March 09, 2011
2 2
A plainly undesirable and intollerable person

(said scroo-pul)
Alex: Look, its David. I cant stand that guy.
Diana: Nobody can stand that cocky scruple.
by AlxCec May 24, 2007
6 6