A rolled, often brownish piece of toilet paper that remains after you wipe.
"Dude, Heather was lickin' my balls and she totally ingested a scrumpet."
"I've been tryin to rid of my scrumpets, so I've been using baby wipes."
by mags1923 February 16, 2007
a biscuit-like food often consumed by the brits with tea. scrumpets are sometimes mistakenly called crumpets.
"I like my scrumpets at the football match," exclaimed Murad.
by juyshin October 03, 2006
A kid who thinks he is tough while he really is not
This kid's a gutter scrumpet. He acts all hard but he was born from a family of puds.
by T. February 02, 2005
a stupid person or blond person generaly a girl, can also mean lesbian (context dependant)in some cases it could mean anything its what u want it to mean
"that girl is such a scrumpet"

"she is such a scrumpet the other day she said 2x2=6"

"ahh im such a scrumpet! lol"
by lockie_oz September 14, 2006
A brittish delecacy which has a small amount of rat feces in its ingredients.
shall we have tea and scrumpets with our evening meal?
by soapy nipples January 15, 2005

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