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Adjective- to have very unkept hair that grows in a haphazard fashion.
"My name is Jake Postema and I have a scruffly beard"
by Joke Pastema May 23, 2008
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a lack of shaving that results in excessive hair upon the face in a unkept fashion. often reffered to as postemasyndrome if untreated can lead to lack of female contact and even advanced cases proceed to gorilla or even kosta like levels of hairiness
jake postema has a scruffly beard
by Matt Gratziano June 02, 2008
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the stuff that grows out of most males faces, i.e. hair, but catches crumbs, bits of tissue, and on some cases liquids. Scruff is the over all term for the dense form of clumpings of hair, but these are however the ones usually in sparse amounts around the nose and/ upper lip, i.e. mexi-stache.
Girl: please wipe your nose, it's running
Boy: okay *PPPFFFFFFNNNFFF* awww....
Girl: SICK!!! you got tissue and snot all over your scrufflies!!!!
Boy: where??... can you get it for me?!
Girl: NO!!!! that's so gross.
by Bagel Eater December 13, 2010
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