n. (english) A male in his early 20's who claims to have strong feelings and sleeps with a woman, then bails on any responsibility - emotionally or otherwise. Often a scruff will bev food, clothes, and possibly money. They typically have that "ridden hard, put up wet" look that initially is attractive, but does not do well under bright lights. Similar to the endearment "tramp" from the Disney movie The Lady and the Tramp, but less endearing, because scruffs bail, while tramps stay and may even raise pups. Physical signs include bad piercings and tatoos, and a fear of looking a woman directly in the eyes.
He works in a bowling alley - what a scruff.

You should stay away from that guy. Melissa lost her whole paycheck trying to keep that scruff entertained.

That scruff still lives in his mom's basement.

Betty seems to only hook up with scruffs, she must know she is not ready for someone who wants to commit.
by 100sass September 10, 2006
Top Definition
facial hair. basically day three to five after a shave.
"man my scruff is itchy today, i should shave it"
by itsme2 April 10, 2006

Browsing the Scruff app (iPhone & Android) for sexy gay men, bears, hunks, chasers in your neihbourhood and around the world.

Scruff is an unique and growing global community and the largest social gay app that intertwines iPhone and Android users.
When I arrived at Berlin, I checked in at Alexanderplatz and spent the whole afternoon scruffing to find someone who could show me the city.
by BEARserker January 23, 2011
A scrotum munching sewer-rat that prefers men with hairy balls and sports a mullet; Lindsay Meyer.
I just watched Scruffs nibble on the soft tissue of the male reproductive organ.
by Anonymous February 27, 2003
moshas, there all scruffy bastards
there all scruffs
by jon recckinson November 13, 2003
Another word for hit/puff/tap when referring to smoking a substance.
"Hey man, can I have a scruff off your cig?"
by eskimofinch January 16, 2010
A dirty, unkempt, greasy haired, skanky woman.
She thought she was all that but she was really just a scruff.
by Rsamorose August 13, 2008
a word for a very crazy animal. There is a scruff goverment underground. Scruffs break ppls backs.
O shitmonkeys! That scruff bob snapped my back.
by Sean BOB December 03, 2003
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