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A soft warm blanket or pouch to contain and protect the testicles.
David wore his scrote tote to alleviate his testicular discomfort.
by DavidPipBrown April 09, 2009
When a lady sucks a mans balls, and jerks him off at the same time.
Scrote tote is Marla's drunk fun. Wiener. Wiener
by Isaiah Cooper May 29, 2006
A fanny pack, when worn in front, over the scrotum, instead of in back, over the fanny.
He keeps his wallet and keys in his scrote tote.
by Stun13 August 13, 2014
(skrəʊt - toht)


To wrap one's flaccid scrotum up and around his un-erect penis, forming a dome-like apparatus that is firm to the touch.
When I gotta boo on the couch and the D's hangin out, I can't just have it weighing me down so I scrote-tote to the fridge and grab some fortys for me and mah shawty.
by Fio Dixon February 16, 2013

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