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A person who asks a million questions about a single line in a script, when obvious direction is clearly stated in the script, the idiot does not understand, comprehend, or just wants more attention on themselves.
Person 1 (Director) : Okay lets go over the scene again this time really use your characterization!!!!
Person 2 (Idiot Script Slut) : Um...wait I dont know exactly how this line should go....
Person 3 (Actor of Normal Intelligence): Just say, Hi, my names Mary...
Person 2: But I mean whats the symbolism???
Person 3: Its an introduction.....
Person 2: Well but what I am introducing, like whats my purpose???
Person 3: To say your name
Person 2: I dont get this! Whats my motivation???
by Salami/Shaft/Pandarus/Shoes/LW October 23, 2009
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