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To be chillin, shootin the shit, having a good time
I'm aiight, scraight scrimpin' right now.
by Don Miguel July 08, 2005
18 14
to be running out of something or have a low supply. As in running low on clean underwear or nearly running out of toilet paper, etc.
Dude, we gotta get groceries tomorrow, we're really scrimpin' on food.
by LibertyStreetLivin October 05, 2011
2 0
To eat an entire pizza by yourself when there are 45 people to feed and act like its nothin'.
Last night at Il Primo, Cory was scrimpin' it out mad.
by Raw Carnage February 16, 2007
4 4
When a !!!Black guy!!! sticks his meat in a gurls and fucks her like there is NO tomorrow
we was scrimpin last nite
by Georgeust January 07, 2005
10 22