A music genre in which those who qualify as "emo" but who cannot really sing just scream, thus "scremo". One of the most painful sounds one could ever hear.
Oh, look alexisonfire are on tv... where's my gun?
by Neck_Beard May 14, 2004
Top Definition
The incorrect way to spell screamo.
s-c-r-e-a-m-o is a genre of music.
by Liberate te ex Inferis March 05, 2005
hardcore/emo music that is mixed together lighter version of hardcore for those who cant handle staright up hardcore
Emery is a good band but not hardcore its scremo.
by shaeli June 12, 2006
a genre that pretty much rips off metal. the screaming in it is extremely whiney. the genre is almost as bad a country music.
'i just bought the new Alesana cd today'
'really? well, that's nice, because they're shit as hell. fucking scremo'
'nah, they're cool'
'listen to real music.'
by HollyKilledThePromQueen September 04, 2009
scremo expreses how much you hate the bitch who broke your heart.
such as senses fail in 187.
by Anonymous September 22, 2003
Scremo is a genre of emo music. It was invented by a group of stoners who thought they'd try to suck their own dicks. They choked on their dicks and thought it sounded cool.
c o c k suckers pretty much sums up scremo.
by Kira Saunders. June 17, 2010
Scremo=pure crap. Easily one of the most sell-out, softcore genres, mistaken by morons as hardcore. To say its the hardest next to Grindcore is irgnorant and shows a general lack of knowledge about the word. For, in the rankings, Thrashcore follows Grind very very closely, then death metal, then many other genres, (not as good as grind or thrash) then Scremo comes somewhere around the "this is when everyone leaves the venue for air" category.
What is this... scremo? Well whatever it is it sucks.
by Ryan The Amazing August 09, 2004
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