1 n. Homemade alcoholic recipe native to Newfoundland Canada, similar to moonshine. Is famous for being extremely strong hooch, mixed often with dark rum and colas. So named for American serviceman who gulped the once nameless bootleg drink in one shot and the resulting throat burn caused him to howl.(from a screech recipe web site)
I dranks me screech at that kitchen party, and damn if I didn't pass out on the chesterfield, boyoah! (Not totally accurate Newfie dialog, but you gets the picture.)
by G.H. Hadden May 04, 2005
This is the name for a group of 3 or more basic girls.
You could hear the screech of basics 3 blocks away.
by cwilleysurban March 06, 2015
a singin style mostly used in black metal.
like growl in death metal butt in higher tone and screeching tecunique.
Mayhem early vocal was a bit like screeching and a bit like growl, Emperor vocal is pure fucking good screeching even so i'ts even higher then Dark funeral reguler screeching
by blackpoom September 02, 2006
formally known as mitchell
a boy who looks like the boy from saved by the bell
who is that boy is known as screech
by daniel November 16, 2003
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