A term mostly used by teens to describe a fusion of Emocore and Hardcore to create a new sub-genre. A recent example would be the band Bring Me The Horizon.
Excerpt from a screamo song by Bring Me The Horizon

Christ, I'm asking you for just one thing,
I'm asking you for just one thing,
Eradicate this disease,

Close your eyes, pray for plagues,
Oh Lord, cleanse this Earth and bring upon our dooms day,
Oh, close your eyes, pray for plagues,
Cleanse this Earth and bring dooms day,

She starts her new diet of liquor and dick,
Just like Hollywood, but laced in sick,
The sun goes down, and so does she,
The sun goes down, and so does she,

So clap your hands to the sound of every first born dying now,
Watch the rivers flow with blood,

death will stand where life once stood,

So clap your hands to the sound

of every first born dying now,
Watch the rivers turn to blood,

death will stand where life once stood,
by JustinBayne February 18, 2011
the vocal outcome of multiple men in the process of "banging."
preferably prisoners. Screamo is produced from the dropping of soap within a group of aggressive naked men.
I walked into prison showers and saw screamo being made
by lordbuffer January 16, 2012
A type of music that will not last long. Because it is too hardcore for emo kids and too wussy for metalheads. Mostly just speed metal except without the good lyrecs and the singers scream like constipated women.
Rick: Man screamo sucks.
Dave: Yea I know its just too annoying.
by dtrix June 10, 2010
Screamo: An a excuse for scene kids to listen to it and to make them think theyre hardcore but really its a bunch of fags screaming and playing stupidly fast and talking about how they cant get pussy or friends leaving you becuz you cry so damn much about the same shit. Screamo Bands all sound the same too, Talking about the same damn shit. screamo= a bunch of scenes trying to play fast and "hardcore"
Metalhead: What the f*** are you listening to?
Scene kids: Its Bring Me the Horizon... Theyre hardcore
Metalhead: Sounds like a bunch of pussies trying to be hardcore
Scene Kid: No! theyre hardcore! Its they like the greatest screamo band in the world
Metalhead: Screamo? WTF is screamo?
Scene kid: This *plays a BMTH song*
Metalhead: I should bitch slap you. All theyre doing is talking about how gay they are but screaming.
Scene Kid: no theyre not!
Metalhead: Hahahahahahahaha your so gay!!!
by MetalHeadFromTheBay123 May 19, 2011
The sound of someone swallowing a microphone whole and pulling it back up out of their throat.
Guy 1: "That band is so screamo."
Guy 2: "I know! I wonder how he gets his mouth so wide!"
Guy 3: "That's what she said!"
by amaemae March 11, 2009
A genre of "music", usually involving overpowering amounts of double bass, little to no meaning or soul to the music, and annoying spiderwebbing guitar riffs. When the lead "singer" isn't ripping his throat out while he screams about useless shit, they'll use those new, whiny voices that sound like that of an 8 year old girl's. This music is loved by the hordes of fashion zombies who just love to conform to the latest, passing Hot Topic style.
Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 1- OMG did you get the new Chiodos/Bring Me the Horizon/Five-Finger Deathpunch/ album? I love terrible screamo.

Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 2- Let's go to Hot Topic and jack off to Craig Owens!

by Tuffy McTuff Notyz February 16, 2009
A form of music designed for those of the emo persuasion. It was created as another way for the emo kind to hurt themselves.
DarkxxDragon: hey i'm listening to drop dead gorgeous. it hurts so good.
xoAnimex3Masterox: i know. listening to them makes me feel alive, but i will be dead soon.
DarkxxDragon: let's make the pact of death tonight.
xoAnimex3Masterox: during Naruto?
DarkxxDragon: yeah. right after Bobobo-Bo-Bobo and Yugi-oh. those need to be the last visions in my mind before my death.
xoAnimex3Masterox: it's on like donkey kong.
DarkxxDragon: rock on. i love screamo almost as much as i love pain...cause they're the same thing.
by Glyzzerg January 10, 2008

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