The online alias of a very talented programmer/hacker/gamer. With many programming and scripting languages mastered he is indeed a use to the online programming communities. Once a member and "warden" of hacking group "r00t", he is now known best through his blog, forum, website and frequent contributions to development websites. He is rumored to be many different people, however no definitive evidence as to his first name or even age are available.

ScreaM is a very dedicated and intelligent programmer. Those who have worked with him on projects say he is indeed a joker. He maintains a low profile unless provoked by the general public.

Rumors: He was/is part of LulzSec; His developments are tagged with RATs and KeyLoggers
WannabeCoder: WHAT DO LURN TO HAX?
NoviceCoder: You simply have to look at these ... * explains *
ScreaM: Read a fucking book.
by Frequent Forumer Fanboy August 04, 2013
An awsome song by Avenged Sevenfold! it's about rape. "You know i make you wanna scream. you know i make you wanna run from me baby but no it's too late you've wasted all your time." go to youtube and watch Scream live @ the LBC. to all the guys out there like me, i swear you can jack off to that video, those are some damn sexy dancers! one of them is doing it doggy-style!!!!
"scream scream scream the way you would if i ravaged your body." -a7x
by A7X forever July 10, 2010
a hopeless elitist, wannabe socialist, tosser.
"Don't be a scream; you bloody scream"
by anonymouse August 24, 2003
What your woman does when you wipe your dick on after sexual intercourse.
Don't scream bitch!
by superostia November 12, 2003

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