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A website made by MIT where you can create your own games, animations, etc. Apparently, this site was made for people ten years of age and older. However, it is treated more like a website for six year olds if you ask me.

The word "crap" is censored, and saying "hell" or "wth" can get you banned for swearing, however discussing and recommending bloody and gory hentai is allowed. The only projects "appropriate" enough for the front page are shitty stickman projects, and projects that say "I QWIT".

The members of this website can be grouped into the following categories: Attention-whores who feign quitting Scratch repeatedly, furry weaboos who do nothing but draw Warrior cats, Forumers who brag about how they have no lives, Art thieves who take art from DeviantART and say it's their own, Wannabe trolls, spammers, and the actual programmers that get banned for little to no reason. They are all referred to as "Scratchers".

Despite all the annoying pricks on this site, it's really hard to actually leave the site without first being overloaded with homework, actually having a life, etc. If you somehow manage to actually survive on this website without getting banned, I tip my hat to you.
New scratcher: "This site seemed cool so I joined! :)"
Experienced Scratcher: "I recommend sticking to the program for now, this site is hell."
Furry Weaboo: "my name is firtree and i want you to join seedclan pleaseeee"
Forumers: "Then I was playing minecraft for like 23 hours, and this meenie said i had no life ZOMG D:<< Discuss"
Art thief: "look at my amayzing art that i drew in five minutes" *posts picture of Vincent VanGogh art*
Wannabe troll: "You SUCK. Get it HAHA SUCK, like, SUCKING SUCK?"
Spammers: "Welcome to scratch now view my project and give it a love-it mmmmk? <3"
Actual programmers: *can't say anything because they're banned*
New Scratcher: "Uhhh... I'll probably just leave now because you guys traumatized me for life. Thanks for that. Remind me to never go on again."
by SwallowMyTail December 08, 2011
A wannabe JavaScript that is made by MIT and has 99% of people in a "war" about spam which is actually like this:

1: This studio is spam
2: ZOMG UR BULLYING ME!!!!!!! THESE AES (spam studios) HELP PEOPLE!!!!!!!
1: No, you are being dumb
Scratch team: *bans #1 because they are right*
Seriously. It is stupid. plus, there are also the wannabe spammers and trolls who always say "this sux look at my project which is better." even though you actually made a good project and theirs is **** but you will be banned for having someone do this. I **** you not, this happens for NO reason. I swear if you go on there without punching your computer or being banned, I tip my hat to you.
by Leafeon470 March 15, 2014
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