The act of fucking a woman in the ass using a rough sock as a condom, and afterwards making the woman smell the sock.
If my wife tries to drag me to the symphony again, I'm gonna give her the ol' scratch and sniff tonight.
by skizzle15 September 17, 2009
Top Definition
Any person who tries to sneak a sniff after allowing their hand to remain either in their pants or in the crotch region.
"Scratch and sniff is at it again"
by Sam March 03, 2005
A technique used when pulling a member of the opposite sex before u give head or cunnilingus to find out about their personal hygiene.
'I had a scratch and sniff of her b4 i went down on her'
by Seth is a geek but we love him April 18, 2005
A male or female that scracthes their "area" then sniffs there fingers.
"Ew, he was scracthing his balls and then sniffing his hand! What a scratch and sniff"!
by AmazinglyRandom07 February 22, 2006
After rubbing hands through your nether regions you then proceed to procure snacks from the office food stash.

Someone who is constintly rubbing and smelling things (i.e. dissolves).
Dude quick here comes scratch and sniff hide those pretzels. Last time he tainted the Ding Dongs after scratching his ding dong.
by Ready 2, Take 3 December 21, 2009
Scrathing of the box and/or ass and sneaking a sniff when apparently no one is looking (but someone may catch you)!
Lil scratched her box, then tried to sneak a sniff when she lit a pull
by Noster April 28, 2004
Getting head from a chick with a large pointy nose during the "69" position, her nose being so large it can't help but massage your ballsack to the point of no return.
Cedrick; "Hey Nelson, I heard you got laid from that big nosed tart you found at the bar last night!!"

Nelson; "Not quite, her nig nose scratch and sniffed my balls too much that I splooged it right down her throat...oh well"
by Pakistaniel June 01, 2012
The art of scratching someones sunburnt nose then farting in their face. Causing irritating pain and forcing them to smell your ass.
Alex got one hell of a sunburn so i had to preform a scratch and sniff
by jwiggyslpooge69 June 06, 2011
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