expression that corresponds with any sitution that is negative
She wears ugg slippers, whatta scrapa.
by cherry berrry baby March 27, 2008
Scrapa or Scraper Is a term used all over the YAY to Describe Your Old Skool 1980's to 1990 Buicks, Oldsmobile, Cadillacs, Chevys, or Fords
Gas, Brake, Dip, And Gas. Scrapin'
Dont Buy a Benz Buy Eight Scrapas.
by Carlos Avendano October 20, 2005
A car that either has a rusty paint job, or different color doors as the rest of the car, a broken car, one that scrapes the ground as it drives, one that is a piece of junk
Look there's a scrapa!!!
by haha yeah July 07, 2005
What the fuck, we like being called scraps, better than being called fuckin chapetes
Thats my name bitch so shut the fuck up Puro Blue
by x3lightershadeofbrownx3 February 05, 2005

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