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A form of attention deficit disorder in which the afflicted individual must turn trivial and often mundane everyday events into gambling opportunities, often at significant financial cost to friends and work colleagues. The affliction is permanent. Etymology derived from obscure Australian journalist.
When David suggested that his workmates contribute $25 each to run a book on which window of his Subaru Forrester would get rained on first, they told him they were tired of his Scottism
by Hawkers October 25, 2006
A fake disability exploited only when convenient in situations to excuse one's careless or pathological behaviors. Often, it is used to avoid taking responsibility for one's own words or actions.
"Dude I can't believe he lied to him in front of his own brother over the phone and said its no big deal and then went and stole from them in the same month!" "Well you know, he has Scottism so you really can't blame him."
by TheGoodFight November 10, 2013
the rantings of the lesser spotted, small footed, cockney tit
Examples of Scott-isms would be ...
- I'm over it!
- You minge!
- I'm over it!
- Wagyu!
- I'm over it!
- I had a bottle of wine on the balcony
- I'm over it!
- Sausage baguette
- I'm over it!
- You soppy c*nt
- I'm over it !
- how 'bout that ride in?
- I'm over it !
- Just going down for a snout
- I don't have another job, I'm just spending some time out with my family.
by Hong Kong Fooey January 07, 2010
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