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The most handsome man to ever walk the face of planet earth, best described as GQ's Man of the Millennium Award. Usually being followed by a large group of infatuated women, though he takes no notice as he is focused on the woman he loves. Scotts love only once in a lifetime, and do not ever let their woman forget it by making sure to say it at least once a day. Scotts are kind, gentle, passionate, smart, funny, manly, sexy, honorable, loving, witty, fierce, warriors, stoic, noble, and every good word you could ever describe a man with. True Scotts are tall and strong and muscular. And I am the lucky girl that has a godly one.
Girl 1 "You have the most romantic, manly man ever created."

Girl 2 "He is a Scott."

Girl 1 "THAT explains everything."
by GothBarbie January 21, 2013
11 1
Scott is the best gentlemen you will ever meet. He knows how to take care of a girl and treat her right. He's always there for you. He is the most handsome and attractive man in the world. Everything about him attracts you to him. Being in his arms makes you feel warm and safe. I love Scott so much, and want to be with him forever.
Girl 1: "My boyfriend took me out last night. It was amazing. He's the best, and I love him so much! What did you do last night?

Girl 2: "I went out with Scott."

Girl 1: "Aw, I forgot you were dating Scott....Wanna trade boyfriends?!"

Girl 2: "Nope."
by Pineapple723 August 22, 2011
19 9
A crotchety, perpetually complaining, old, well armed man, who can drop you with a look. His grapefruit-sized balls swing pendulously underneath his saggy sweatpants, which he wears 24/7/365, unless it's hot outside, in which case it's cutoff sweats.

His resemblance to Santa Claus is uncanny, and has been known to cause hypertension in young adults. His resemblance is physical only, as his demeanor will curdle milk. He collects midget-sized women to do his bidding, and is happy to ask them to do just about anything. They often find themselves handling a lot of wood and a lot of shit.

Scott can be found shooting things or thinking about shooting things on any given day. He loves to surround himself with prickly things, women's hair, and Velcro shoes. All tiny women need to be put on notice that he will hook you in if he has the chance.
Scott: That's a bunch of *&^!@# shit. That's not what O'Reilly said last night.

Me: Are you serious?

Scott: Why wouldn't I be? You think I'm being a vagina?

Me: WTF? (Leaves in a cloud of confusion.)
by Vampire Cat January 20, 2013
10 1
A Scott is tall and slender. He comes off tough and tool-like when you first encounter him, but if you give him a chance you won't regret it. A Scott is caring and motivated. He will do anything in his power to keep those close to him happy. He is selfless and personable. A Scott is carefree and silly. At times he needs to be pushed, but he will most certainly try anything once. A Scott also happens to be very well-endowed, so those who have the pleasure of dating one will not be disappointed in more than one way!
"Look at that guy dance like a fool in public... he must be a Scott!
by KwithanI June 19, 2011
26 17
Scott is the most amazing person you will ever meet. He is sweet, caring and a good listening. He also has the biggest brown eyes and dark skin. His hair is usually dark. He dresses incredibely, not to professional, yet not to casual. His style usually says " Im here to party". Scott is always with a group of girls. Although Scott is not the sharpest tool in the shed, he is fun to be around and a great conversationalist. He is a great friend and an even better boyfriend. If you ever find a Scott, dont let him go.
See that Scott over there?
Yeah, I'd totally date him!
by bb34 April 06, 2011
19 10
A super cute, awesome, nice, funny, and sweet guy!!
girl; *HE MUST BE A SCOTT!!* (in her mind)
girl; WHats ur name?
guy; UHmm, Scott :)
girl: *I KNEW IT!!!* :)
by me!! <3 November 05, 2011
14 6
A) A term derived from the word Scottish, very plain for it is an old English name. This name was not popularly used until 1950s. Most people holding this name are very "boss" minus the fauxhawk sporting muscle heads of today.
B)The most amazing artist I've ever been lucky enough to know. Seeking to graduate FSU in 2013 and pursue the arts.
"hey did you see Scott's work at the art show?"
"you know it! He is so the beznez<3"
by ScottishSeashore July 18, 2009
51 44