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One constant half of the ever changing guitar duo's of the ledgendary band; Thin Lizzy. Born and raised in California, USA he started off playing bass in local surfer bands, and moved to England with hopes of joining the band Supertramp of which his brother-in-law was drummer. however this never worked out and neither did his small time band 'Fast Buck' and through playing numerous pub gigs found that the band 'Thin Lizzy' were trying new guitarists, and Scott found himself and his cheap Japanese Les Paul copy in an audition for which he and 17 year old Scot, Brian Robertson, made up the twin lead guitar places which made Lizzy and their timeless twin guitar melodies and outstandidng live performances. He was in the band from 1974 until 1983 when the band split. He then started his own new band called '21 Guns' but failed to have any major success. He now tours with John Sykes (the last guitarist to join Lizzy) under the name 'Thin Lizzy' with the sole intent of promoting, playing, and remembering the music of Philip Lynott, the unmistakeable lead singer of Thin Lizzy who passed away on the 4th January 1986.
"The man in black, is our candidate for the next President of the United States of America...Scott Gorham on lead guitar!"
by mingey June 05, 2006
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