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inadvertently adding an r in a word
scooby dooing would be like saying "it's 8 ocrock in the morning"
by bidnezgrl September 11, 2013
A sexual act. During doggie-style sex the man will put on a scary mask while continuing to thrust. He will tap the woman on the shoulder to surprise her. When she runs away naked the man will proceed to chase her room to room with said mask on. At some point during the chase the man will likely trip due to poor visibility. The woman will roll the man up in an old rug and pull off his mask to reveal his identity.
I wanted to do something special for Cathy so I might try some scooby dooing this weekend.
by EndofLine July 01, 2015
Seriously trippin on bandaids while watching scooby-doo with friends.
Jack loves Scooby Dooing every night with Neal.
by JT1138 July 13, 2008
Scooby Dooing -A form of camping. The most popular method is standing still near statues in FPS games to prevent being noticed by the opposing team. This behavior is seen in scores of Scooby Doo episodes as an evasive maneuver.
Steve- "Dude, I'm gonna see if I can get some kills Scooby Dooing at Invasion today."

Dave- "Oh, you're gonna hide beside the statues in that one building, right?"

Steve- "Affirmative, Dave."
by ASKA11 April 26, 2011
A way of getting bad neighbors to move away by using tactics of fright. Common examples would be dressing up as ghosts, using strange noises/lights, and creeping out neighbors with well crafted props.
Bill had a family that just moved next to him with the most annoying set of dogs, he figured he'd have to do some Scooby dooing to get them out of the neighborhood.
by failias October 06, 2011
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