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comes from the cartoon scooby most episodes when a ghoul or ghost is seen by scooby,the ghoul/ghost dissapears when scooby grabs shaggy to show him the ghoul or ghost.this also happens on the streets of;when the ghoulish ghost of racism rears its ugly,dead, but not yet decapitated head,it usually disappears when one attempts to show the gruesome ghoul to others
you: hey mayne,that cop just violated my rights and called me racist names!

friend:who? that cop over there?

you: yeah... that dude is a racist bastard!
go talk to him you'll see

friend: ok..

friend:hey officer,why did you violate my friends rights and call him racist names?

cop: now sir, why would i do a thing like that? i'm an officer of the law.would you like a donut buddy?"


cop:yeah,i got jelly

friend: cool...ok,thanks!

cop:no worries your head.

you: well?

friend:well yeah,i just talked to the officer and he said he didn't do fact,he was nice. he even offered me a donut and helped me watch my head!

you: what!?%@! and you took it!?!

friend:well...yeah.whats wrong with that?
it was good advice.

you: no dummy,the donut! you took it?

friend:well,yeah..he seems nice

you: ughhh!!wtf!#!@!

friend: wha???

you:mayne,he did just did a scoob & doo!!!!

friend:you got scoob & dooed?

you: yeah asshole!i got scoob & dooed!!!
i mean,scoob & did!!

friend:is that like being abb & cost(ed)?

you: yeah...but worse.

by rev.erend triggafinga November 19, 2008
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