im pritty sure this whole thing is absolutley stupid granted i am only a freshman.such a joke how could all of those things be true for each gurl??
man why does Scituate waist there time writting definitions about who is "scituates finest" if you ask me-all a scituate SUCKS!
by scituates regulaa January 25, 2005
everyone in this town is ugly except for me so i am the finest ha ha ha

and whoever gave me aids...THANKS ALOT!
scituate is so boring that people amuse themselves with talking about the new urban dictionary
by youknowme January 26, 2005
no one in this town is fine. i dont know who the hell scituates 'finest' is but thats funny because i hate everyone in scituate. ur all fuckin gay.
scituates finest-no such thing.
by the stupid senior January 25, 2005
jealous bitchessss--just because you are jealous of people doesn't mean you have to express it mind your own business if they want to have sex let them have sex...if they want to have a group called scituates finest let them we have all done some stupid shit in our lives that we regret-why do you care what they do? because they are a threat to you and your so concerned that they are better than you, which usually is the case. get over them get over yourself dont let jealousy control your life as well as others around you. goodluck ladies! sounds like this town called "scituate" has some issues...
jealousy--get over it and deal with who you really are if someones better than you deal with that too!!!
by Dr. Cynthia Rodriguez mD January 25, 2005
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