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Scissor doors used to be exclusive for Lamborghinis. Now everyone does the conversion and takes away the uniqueness from it. Most automobiles with the conversion look hideous. Ladies and gentlemen, lets all thank the moronic Honda owners out there.
Hey thanks a lot jackass. Scissor doors are now played out thanks to you and your riceboys putting them on your slow POS Hondas.
by gsgdfgsd December 02, 2006
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Doors on cars that open up, made famous by the italian Car company Lamborghini and are nowbeing put on new Mercedes(the fastest ones) and other futuristic cars

These doors can be put on any car for the right price
Only look good on Coupe(s)(2 door cars)
"dam look at those phat scissor doors on that 'benz, i wish i had enough money to get that"
by Pipucho October 10, 2005

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