A mixture of juice and energy drink, containing all the minerals and vitamins needed for the human body to survive. Can be used as the only source of energy for the body as it contains everything the body needs, at least so it appears on the nutrition facts labels. The lack of proteins and non-important minerals such as calcium are usually treated with pizzas and fast food, tho it has been proven to be possible and somewhat healthy to purely live on science juice.
Oh Josh spent two nighs up with no sleep playing darkeden and drinking science juice.
#energy drink #juice #science fuel #science cream #vitamins
by Mike Swordfish March 02, 2011
Top Definition
a mixture of the energy drink, monster, and gatorade, when made is the ultimate sports drink, it has eveything your body needs to keep going, one sip of science juice will have you up and going for at least three days, and it has meth in it, lots and lots of meth
terrance: are you okay steve?

steve: oh my god!! my eyes are on fire!!

terrance: you've been drinking science juice again, havent you?

steve: yes
#gatorade #science juice #monster #methamphedomine #meth
by whilwheaton March 28, 2010
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