combination of the slang word "schweet" and the name of the smooth material "suede". Used to describe something/someone awesome.
"how was last night's party?"
"sooo many hot chicks were there"
"schwade! that rules"
#schwade #schweet #schweeet #sweet #rad #awesome #dope #is nice
by curtis murphy October 24, 2007
Top Definition
verb. to turn a finished/smoked bowl of marijuana of a slider bong upsidedown on stem and suck the ash into the bong water
Make sure that bowl is dust before you schwade it.
#ash #bong #shwade #weed #slider
by grat101 December 22, 2010
to make someone uncomfortable enough to share whatever they have with you. Such as to stay at someones house long enough for the host to feel like they should ask you to stay, and then eat all their food after they are asleep.
Friend: Hey, can I schwade up on that bag of chips?
You: You need to get your own man.


I could hear him in the kitchen schwading up on all my food after I went to bed!
#schwade #shwade #unwelcome #steal #jew
by victimofhim February 28, 2013
A "micropenis" or very very small excuse for one.
Holy shit he's got a schwade!
#ninny dick #stub #chong dong #little richard #mini gun
by Eric Arndt March 26, 2007
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